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North Carolina Workers' Compensation Overview

Learn what you need to know to understand North Carolina's Workers' Compensation laws, from basic concepts of coverage to advanced rules governing compensability. We will review the administration of the Act, including the forms used by the parties and the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and discuss defenses and other issues of substantive law.  

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Insurance System Overview
Learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in North Carolina. This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in North Carolina including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers' compensation insurance policy.  

Legal Module 1: Overview of the North Carolina Workers Compensation Legal System
From the history of North Carolina adopting it's "Workmen's Compensation Act" in 1929 to the elements of compensability for injury and occupational disease claims, this module provides an overview of the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act.  

Legal Module 2: North Carolina Workers' Compensation Legal System, Part II
In this module, you will learn more about defenses, and the time limits created by the Act as well as advanced issues of compensability including claims for mental illness and for unexplained death. We will also discuss the limits of North Carolina's Exclusive Remedy Doctrine and the Last Injurious Exposure Rule.  

Legal Module 3: North Carolina Workers' Compensation Forms and Rules
This module is about nuts and bolts. We will make sense of North Carolina's form-driven system which often has more than one form applicable to a given situation, and help you avoid common mistakes by reviewing North Carolina's rules governing the administration of claims and the use of rehabilitation professionals.  

Legal Module 4: Live Update: Trends in North Carolina Workers' Compensation Law
The fourth module is reserved for updates regarding the North Carolina Workers' Compensation system including legislative changes to the Workers' Compensation Act, particularly important court decisions, or significant changes in the Industrial Commission's rules or practices.  

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Brooks, Stevens, & Pope, P.A.

Daniel C. Pope, Jr. is the managing partner of Brooks, Stevens, & Pope, P.A., a Cary, North Carolina firm established in 1989 to represent the interests of employers and insurance carriers. He practices almost exclusively in the field of workers' compensation defense. Mr. Pope is an adjunct faculty member, Occupational Safety and Health Education Resources Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a N.C. Department of Insurance, Certified Instructor.